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The Gruesome Twosome

     This one is by gore pioneer, Herschell Gordon Lewis. He is famous for all types of exploitation films, but will always be known as "The Godfather of Gore". His inovations in the horror genre were ahead of their time and The Gruesome Twosome (1967) is no exception.
     The plot revolves around a wig shop owned by a seemingly innocent elderly lady, Mrs. Pringle and her socially inept son, Rodney. The shop is in the midst of a college town. This is an all too convenient location, for in the late 60's it is popular for college girls to cut their hair short and wear wigs.
     Mrs. Pringle further entices the girls by advertising a room for rent under false pretense. The girls who grow tired of the dorms go to the shop to see if the room is still available. Once there, the girls are locked in a store room and brutally attacked by Rodney. It doesn't take a great deal of foresight to imagine where the wigs in the shop come from. Their major selling point is that they are made from human hair.
     The main character and hero of the story is a young coed named Kathy. She is a curious girl who finds mystery in the mundane and is certain that sinister forces are to be blamed for everything that goes wrong in life.
     As the body count rises Kathy's curiosity is peaked. After many feeble attempts and wrongful accusations she finally manages to save the day by uncovering the dark secret of Mrs. Pringles little wig shop.


Mrs. Pringle and Rodney
gruesome scalping
Kathy snooping around
Rodney on the prowl